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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sương Sáo Hột É và Đười Ươi (Grass Jelly with Basil Seeds and Poonparai Drink)

I often make Sương Sáo Hột É và Đười Ươi  in the summer.  Everyone in my family loves to drink this fresh, cold, sweetened drink, especially in sweltering summer days.  My husband is actually addicted to it.

Hột é is basil seeds.  When soaked in water the seeds of  basil become gelatinous. 

Đười ươi  is Poonparai or Sterculia Lychnophora.  The flesh surrounding the dried seeds swells to eight times its original volume when soaked in water, forming an irregularly shaped, reddish gelatinous mass. After being soaked and the seed kernel removed, the flesh is mixed with granulated white sugar, ice, and soaked basil seeds, and drunk as a cooling drink. This is quite popular in Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Both hột é and đười ươi  are used for their medicinal properties.  According to the Chinese medicine, the use of  hột é and đười ươi is to remove heat from the lung, cure sore throat, counteract toxicity, and relax the bowels. This recipe is not intended to treat any symptoms but is offered mainly for your enjoyment. So drink up at your own risk. It is quite refreshing and delicious nonetheless.
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RECIPE: Sương Sáo Hột É và Đười Ươi

1 can Grass Jelly
1/2 bag Basil Seeds
1/2 to 2/3 bag Poonparai
2-3 teaspoons Banana Extract (dầu chuối)
1 1/2-2 bags of Brown Sugar (substitue granulated sugar if preferred)
3 quarts Water

Boil water with sugar until it dissolve.  Add more sugar if the water is not sweet enough for you.  Transfer it into a jar or a large bowl.  Let it cool down.
Soak basil seeds and poonparai in two seperate bowls of warm water for about 20 minutes.
Dice grass jelly into small cubes. Add it into the sugar bowl. 
Use a strainer to remove basil seeds from water and add it in the sugar bowl. 
Separate seed and skin from poonparai flesh.  Squeeze out the water that was absorbed by the poonparai.  Add the flesh into the sugar bowl.
Pour banana extract into the mixed bowl.  Mix it up and keep it cold in the fridge. 


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  1. Loan, minh` co' biet' lam` mon' nuoc' uong' nay`, nhung minh` lam` bang` thach. trang', khong lam` bang` suong sao', uong' cung~ ngon lam'.