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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lễ Phục Sinh! (Happy Easter!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  
I had a beautiful day with friends and family.  My college roommate's family drove all the way from Yorba Linda to spend time with us for the weekend.  In the bright early morning of Easter, we started with a fun sweet treat project for our kids.  We ended up with cute little yellow peeps made out of marshmallows, chocolate and food colors.  

While the kids were busy doing their own thing, we secretly set up a surprise table for them. They were thrilled to receive the cuddly, cooling and huge-able heating thermal aid zoo characters from the Easter bunny. Their new favorite pets' names are Tiny, Bella, Jojo, and Olive.

Our morning rolled by quickly and by the time we got back from dim sum, it was almost three o'clock.  Since we promised the kids an Easter party, off to the kitchen we go.  With the help of my new "adult" sous chef,  we were able to get a few more treats done in just about an hour.  
The coconut macaroon nest is a simple recipe but the result was spectacularly decadent.

The rice crispy Easter eggs were not only cute but mighty tasty. Even the adults love them.

The kiddos challenged me to carve a bunny watermelon.  Voila!

I had a couple more treats in mind, but no more time so it was time to set up the sweet treat table.

My sous chef for the day was incredibly creative. She decorated the egg shells with wild garden flowers and leaves that she picked from the backyard. So vibrant and beautiful!

The table was set, the treats arranged and off they go hunting for Easter eggs.

Both parents and children had a great time playing sack racing game, and munching on sweet treats.  

my wonderful sous chef for the day

It was a perfect Easter day as the weather was gorgeous.  We closed our day with a delicious barbecue dinner.

And to top it off, we also enjoyed the delish homemade pate that was delivered to me in the morning of Easter from one of my blog readers from San Francisco.  It was so good that everyone begged for the recipe.

And for dessert, a super rich and yummy chocolate cake was served to our delight. It was also delivered from the same person. In case you read this post, thank you so much for the amazing food and your thoughtfulness! We thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.

Until next Easter, may you and your family be blessed!


  1. Hats off to you! I enjoy your blog very much! I am writing blog as one of requirements in my Communication class but when I read yours I think one day i should write something that I am fascinated. Of course, it is not about cooking! (God didn't give me this gift). Anyway, nice to be one of your readers.

    1. Hi Tu, Thank you very much for dropping by with your supportive comment. Much appreciate it!