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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Spices Of Life's First Charitable Delivery part 2!

"Một miếng khi đói bằng một gói khi no.”

The Spices of Life's first charitable delivery went beyond my expectation. Thank you to the VSpice team in Vietnam for putting your heart and soul into this mission. They had to go out at 6 o'clock in the morning to deliver the gifts so they can make it to work on time by 8 am. 

each person received 5 kg of rice, fish sauce, soy sauce, cooking oil and a box of instant noodle

selling newspapers is what she does daily for a living 

she walks miles on the streets in Saigon to sell rice crackers for a living

It was so touching to see the elderly receive the gifts. It's really not much of a gift for us but for them it's what they need to survive each day. Our mission is providing needs to the poor from many parts of the world when we are more capable. As for now, we're taking baby steps.

A few days after the Lunar new year which is the last week of February, our VSpice team is ready to take on the next mission. We will be going deep into the villages in Pleiku where the ethic minorities reside in impoverished conditions. Pleiku is very wet and cold during the first few months of the year. Many children are without food and clothing. Our mission is to provide these children with warm clothes, instant noodle, cookies and candies to keep their hearts warm and hopes full. 

A heart-felt thank to the VSpice readers for your support and contribution. Every dollar counts. Without you, we cannot accomplish this mission.


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