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Friday, May 15, 2015

Tôm Hùm Nướng Bơ Tỏi-Roasted Garlic Butter Lobster Tails

Put on your apron. That's right. It's lobster tail time!

Often time, we crave for lobster tails but don't know what to do with them except boiling or grilling then eating them with butter and a squeeze of lemon juice. Since my girls and husband are seafood fanatics, I feel motivated to create a new lobster tail recipe with Asian-inspired twist for my family to enjoy. 

These lobster tails dressed in a sauce mixture of butter, garlic, brown sugar, cracked pepper, and chicken bouillon powder pack a punch scintillating with flavors. Broil these in the oven for a few minutes. You will absolutely fall in love as soon as the aroma comes wafting your way. For those who love the Asian fusion lobster tails style, this will be simply enjoyable to make.

RECIPE: Tôm Hùm Nướng Bơ Tỏi

5-6 medium (about 8 oz) Lobster Tails
1 stick Butter
2 tablespoons finely chopped Garlic
1 tablespoon Chicken Bouillon Powder
4 tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon cracked Black Pepper

Preparing Lobster Tails

Use a scissor to cut the center of the shell all the way to the base of the tail.  Remember to cut only the shell not the meat.  
Crack the shell firmly along the incision, then pull the meat up through the shell.

Sauteing Lobster Tails

In a large skillet, cook the butter and garlic on medium heat about a minute until fragrant and butter melted.  Add chicken powder, sugar, and black pepper.  Mix well.

Add lobster tails in the skillet.  Slather sauce over the lobsters and let it cook for about 2 minutes.

Flip lobsters over and cook for another 2 minutes until the shells turn pink.

Roasting Lobster Tails

Transfer lobster tails to a baking tray.  Pour the sauce over the lobsters.  Place the tray on the middle rack and broil at medium heat for 8-10 minutes.  Remember to keep your eye on the oven to prevent the lobster from being overcooked. 

Enjoy roasted garlic butter lobster tails with your favorite side dishes.  The sweet, tasty, and finger-licking goodness of the sauce can serve as a great dipping sauce for french bread.

I also used the sauce to mix with udon noodles as a side dish.  The udon noodle first needs to be blanched in boiling water for a couple minutes then toss in finely chopped garlic that was cooked in  hot olive oil.  Add a pinch of salt then transfer the noodle to the sauce tray and mix well.  Toss in some blanched asparagus to add a nice complementary color and  make it look healthy.  Then whip out your bibs and dig in.

Bon Appetite! 

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  1. Can't wait to try this out! You are so talented.