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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cá Hồi Kho (Simmered Salmon)

My brother-in-law is a great cook.   I have tastsed many of his wonderful dishes.  My children love his Roasted Pork.  Once a while, my oldest girl would crave for it. "Mommy, con thèm thịt heo quay của Bác Hiền quá." That  translates to "Mommy, I am craving for uncle Hien's roasted pork."  I have to agree with my daughter that his roasted pork is very appetizing: it's crunchy, juicy and so tasty; the skin is roasted to perfection.  I have to say his roasted Pork tastes better than most that I have eaten at the local restaurants.  

This is one of the dishes that I really want to learn, but so far have not been successful. My brohter-in-law has fail many times on making the roasted pork before he mastered it, so too I must try and try again.

my roasted pork experimental

He has many great dishes and the good news is I did learn one of them; It's so simple and yet so delicious to make. It's a simmered salmon dish.  This dish is ideal as it uses fresh salmon which is healthy for you. it does not require much preparation and does not require much time to complete.
* * *
RECIPE:  Simmered Salmon
3-4 pieces of salmon
2 tablespoons Oil
2 tablespoons good Fish Sauce (prefer 3 crabs brand)
1 teaspoon ground pepper
1  teaspoon paprika (ớt bột)
1/2 teaspoon of MSG
2-3 whole chilli peppers, optional 
 3-4 White Part of Spring Onion (hành lá), finely chopped 
Green Part of Spring Onion cut about 1 inch long
Simmering Salmon

In a large pan, place 1 layer of the salmon slices.  Add the rest of the ingredients except the green part of green onion and cover the pot with a lid.  Bring it to a boil. 
As soon as the sauce is boiling, turn down the heat to low and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. 
Make sure to swirl the pot once a while so that the sauce distribute evenly on all the pieces of fish. 
Once the fish is done, add the green part of spring onion to the pot and it's ready to serve.

Enjoy Simmered Salmon with steamed rice and cucumber or lettuce and herbs!


  1. Hi Loan
    Minh dinh thu kho ca hoi theo recipe nay cua Loan. Cho minh hoi MSG o phan ingredients la gi vay?
    Cam on Loan nhieu.

  2. Hi Diep,
    MSG la bot ngot hay con goi la bot nem do Diep. Diep co the dung duong thay cho MSG cung duoc. Chuc Diep nau an ngon! :-)

  3. Cam on Loan nhieu nha. Minh da thu kho ca hoi voi thom (pineaple) hay voi ca chua, cung rat ngon. Lan toi minh se thu theo recipe nay cua Loan.

  4. Chi Loan oi, did you cover the pot with a lid while simmering on low? Somehow even with the lowest level of heat, all of the water in my sauce evaporated after 20 minutes and my fish was very salty.

    1. Oh no....sorry to hear that. I did cover it up with a lid. It could be the heat or the pan that increased the evaporation. You may need to watch it closely on simmer.

  5. I am planning to make this tonight. This will be my fish time. Wish me luck. Thank for sharing your receipe. I love them all.